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    Luxaflex blinds on the Mornington Peninsula


    LUXAFLEX Luminette Privacy Sheers are made from 100% polyester with a seamless fabric pelmet to conceal the exclusive SOFTRAK System. The sophisticated fabric range offers a selection of neutral tones in either a sheer or textured finish.

    • Available in two vane sizes, 89mm or 120mm
    • Choose between translucent or room darkening vanes
    • Ease of operation with either a manual wand, travelling wand or PowerRise Platinum Technology Remote Control
    • 180-degree vane rotation to control light and privacy, day and night.
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    roslay window furnishings house kitchen

    LUXAFLEX Silhouette Shadings are made from 100% polyester making them durable and easy to clean. There are no cords or tapes to obstruct your view to the outside and they are available in a diverse range of colours and textures. Even with the vanes open you get UV protection, while enhancing natural daylight and reducing the need for lights.

    • Available in two vane sizes, 50mm or 75mm
    • Choose from translucent to room darkening fabric opacities
    • Operate with EasyRise (continuous cord loop), ULTRAGLIDE (retractable pull cord system) or PowerRise Platinum technology Remote Control.


    As the most energy efficient window covering on the Australian market, LUXAFLEX DUETTE Shades feature a unique honeycomb cell which traps air and acts as insulation for your windows. Easy to care for, there is a large selection of styles catering for arches, angles and skylights. For even greater energy efficiency, choose LUXAFLEX DUETTE Architella Shades which feature a 'honeycomb within a honeycomb' cell.

    • 10mm or 20mm honeycomb cell or 20mm Architella cell
    • Extensive range of fabrics in a variety of textures and colours
    • Control light and privacy through three levels of opacity- sheer, translucent or blockout.
    roslay window furnishings luxaflex duette shades


    roslay window furnishings polyresin and basswood shutters

    LUXAFLEX NEWSTYLE Basswood Shutters provide the timeless beauty and enduring craftsmanship of real timber.

    • Provides light and heat control whilst adding style and value to home.
    • Choose from a range of over 20 Paint or stained finishes.

    LUXAFLEX NEWSTYLE Polyresin Shutters are the modern alternative to traditional wooden shutters. They are virtually maintenance free and come with a 20 year warranty (5 year warranty applies to shutter hardware)

    • Unaffected by rain or water and do not fade
    • Perfect for both interior and exterior applications.

    LUXAFLEX Venetians

    LUXAFLEX Aluminium Venetian Blinds provide a timeless design that suits many decorating styles.

    LUXAFLEX COUNTRY WOODS Venetians for real timber or

    LUXAFLEX BEYOND WOODS Blinds for a practical alternative to timber which is impervious to moisture.

    roslay window furnishings luxaflex venetians

    LUXAFLEX Roller Blinds with Edge Technology

    roslay window furnishings luxaflex roller blinds

    Adaptable and versatile, LUXAFLEX Roller Blinds combine sophisticated technology providing smooth operation with a large choice of durable fabrics from room darkening to light filtering. Manual chain controlled or motorised control in a choice of:

    • Single or Dual Roller Blinds
    • A large range of Linked Roller Blinds Systems
    • Optional Headbox or Fascia
    • Motorised systems including hard-wired switch or remote control
    • Qmotion Technology offers super quiet battery operation and manual control feature.

    LUXAFLEX Roman Shades

    With a contemporary look and feel, LUXAFLEX Roman Shades are available in 3 unique designs- Ballina, CLASSIQUE and Impression. All designs can be paired with a fabric of your choice from the extensive fabric range. Choose from blockout, translucent, sheer or sunscreen fabrics to suit your requirements. Other design options available:

    • Decorative tassels
    • Timber Battons (LUXAFLEX SIGNATURE)
    • Bottomrail colours and trims
    roslay window furnishings luxaflex roman shades

    LUXAFLEX Panel Glides and Vertical Blinds

    roslay window furnishings luxaflex panel glides and vertical blinds

    LUXAFLEX Panel Glide is comprised of a series of smooth fabric panels that glide effortlessly sideways on a simple track mechanism. They create privacy, light control and an outstanding impression in any room.

    • Perfect for large windows, doors or as a room divider.

    LUXAFLEX Vertical Blinds offer design flexibility for your room as they come in a range of colours and fabrics. Easy to operate, choose from either cord or wand operation.

    • Control heat and light by tilting the vanes
    • Sloping top or bottom options, suitable for large windows.

    LUXAFLEX Contemporary Series of Awnings

    The LUXAFLEX Contemporary Series of Awnings combine high-quality sun shading solutions for your home with modern designs to enhance your outdoor living area.

    • Optional motorisation with sun and wind sensors proved automatic control for optimal management of heat, glare and wind
    • Optional heating and lighting available on all folding arm awnings

    LUXAFLEX Evo Awnings provide glare and UV protection for large windows up to 5m wide and 4m drop, whilst maintaining your view. There are four straight drop options, and a pivot arm design in the range.

    • Evo STC Awnings are ideal for enclosing courtyards and balconies for shade, sun and wind protection.
    • Evo Channel Awnings and EVO Cable Awnings use side channels and cables respectively, whereas Evo Drop Awnings are ideal when no side guides or channels can be fitted.
    • Evo Pivot Awnings are projected off the window so the window can remain open when the awning is in use.
    roslay window furnishings awnings in swimming pool

    LUXAFLEX Timeless Collection Awnings

    roslay window furnishings awnings near garden

    The Luxaflex Timeless Collection of Awnings are classic styles that have been proven to suit the Australian climate and traditional homes.

    • Choice of fabric and metal styles
    • Available in a range of operation styles - including internal winch, rope operation, lock arm

    LUXAFLEX System 2000 Awnings are available in 3 designs: Pivot Arm, Lock Arm and Straight Drop. Ideal for double storey homes, they provide different functions ground and upper levels require, whilst providing consistent styling throughout.

    • System 2000 Lock Arm and Straight Drop Awnings suit ground floor applications
    • System 2000 Pivot Arm Awnings suit ground and upper floors
    • Available in Canvas, Everscreen External Screen Fabric and Acrylic Fabric
    • Manual or motorised control options.

    For a free quote on any of our Luxaflex blinds, call 03 5981 1088 today.

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