Curtains & Soft Furnishings

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    Top-quality curtains and soft furnishings on the Mornington Peninsula

    Create a feeling of warmth and cosiness by adding curtains to your windows.

    From elegant traditional fabrics to simple modern designs, you can create whatever mood you like with the addition of curtains to your windows.


    Curtain headings can be as simple or as decorative as you like, from the traditional pinch pleat, to the designer goblet pleats, the look you create is truly unique.

    Pelmets can add an extra dimension to your room, providing further insulation, as well as giving a decorator finish to your windows.

    Swags and tails can add a touch of elegance to your curtains, or you could have a more modern look with eyelet curtains on a silver rod.

    We have an extensive range of decorator rods and tracks with specialty finials and accessories available.

    Soft furnishings and accessories

    Add that finishing touch to your decor with our custom-made soft furnishings. We have a gorgeous range of bedspread styles from BQ Design available to be made in your choice of suitable fabrics, giving you the option of having truly unique furnishings.

    We can have bed heads made in your choice of style and fabric, along with cushions and lampshades. We can also have your existing lampshades recovered.

    With a choice from hundreds of beautiful decorator fabrics, along with an extensive range of trims, including beaded trims, the options are endless when it comes to putting your personal touch on your décor; only limited by your imagination!

    roslay window furnishings new cushions in garden

    For a free quote on our top-quality curtains and soft furnishings, call 03 5981 1088 today.

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